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Since ancient times it has been clear to the mankind that a man who cares for their appearance and devotes sufficient attention to their body has an advantage. They are able to appreciate themselves more, which continuously enables them to shift their activities to solve other worries than those with complexion, or for example with a new wrinkle.

One of the possibilities how to make your appearance more attractive is also a visit of a professional solarium. During a short time even unhealthily pale complexion can change into healthy shining face of a satisfied person and white body skin may gain nice brownish shade.

Description of device of Solarium

Device LUXURA Delta 500 Xlc intensive belongs among the most quality vertical solariums on the market not only by its performance and quality of design, but also by high rate of user comfort.

Among standard equipment making the stay in this solarium pleasant belongs two-coloured (green-yellow) tubes, in-built minute display as well as radio with speakers. There is also innovative system of airflow that you will appreciate during longer sunbathing. The length of sunbathing ranges from 2 – 10 minutes. This time depends on the type of your skin and also on a number already undergone sunbathing (gradually increases).

Technical data:

  • LUXURA Delta 500 Xlc intensive
  • 48 trubíc x 200 W = TURBO
  • Height 2 metres

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