What rollen is

Rollen is a modern method of cleavage and removal of fat by nonsurgical intervention. It is an effective massaging apparatus which with regular use is able to shape the figure, remove cellulitis and reduce volume of massaging parts. Massage runs in a way that gradually, according to recommended chronology, you have individual parts of the body massaged with keeping up to one rule – support of blood circulation from circumference towards heart. Reduction of volume of massaged part happens pleasantly, without effort and body loading.

Why it works

By massage on this apparatus all treated parts get strongly congested. Metabolism in the fat cells will redouble or triple. That results in nutrients burning and fat loss. Rollen does not remove water, but acts directly to subcutaneous fat cells, therefore losses in centimeters are longer-lasting. As an accompanying effect itching of massaged parts may occur, which is a sign of right skin repletion.

Effects of Rollen

  • reduction of volume of massaged part
  • decrease of appearance of cellulitis
  • figure shaping
  • repletion and tightening of skin
  • loss of fat pads
  • release of stiff muscularity
  • body detoxification

How to reach maximum results

We work with top apparatuses Rollen Lux, whose great advantage is a possibility to change speed of rotation smoothly, which enables to adapt a massaging programme to one´s needs and feelings.

In our place it is possible to choose a massaging programme according to the figure type and by that to focus intensively on problematic parts. At the same time it is also possible to set length of massage on Rollen, namely 30, 45 or 60 minutes. All these advantages enable to create an individual massaging programme according to your requirements with the purpose to maximize Rollen effect.

Before massage on Rollen we recommend to use anticellulitis creams, which make results more effective. It is necessary to keep drinking regime and principles of healthy eating habits. Combination of procedures Lymphatic drainage and Rollen during one day is very effective and popular is. The effect is visible approximately after the seventh visit, very individually according to the body type.

Partial contraindication:

  • pregnancy
  • inflammatory disease of colon
  • ulcer diseases (stomach, duodenum)
  • asthma – compensated yes
  • cardiac diseases
  • thyroid disease

Total contraindications:

  • sore varicoses
  • thrombosis
  • hypertension
  • malignancy
  • severe diseases of kidneys, liver and heart
  • open wounds
  • skin diseases

What is necessary to bring

To this procedure it is necessary to bring socks and long sweatpants without zips and decorations that could push.

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