Honey detoxifying massage

This massage represents an old and proven mean of folk medicine and comes from Ukraine. Mostly detoxifying effect of honey is used at this massage, as well as compressive massaging touches and natural medical substances that get into the body through the skin during the massage.

By honey massage old sediments and poisons from the depth of organism tissue around whole spine are removed. By its detoxifying effect honey massage frees all organism from sediments that during the years hoarded from the environment, food and medicine, and the organism is not able to get rid of them sufficiently by own organs of secretion.

Honey massage disposes toxins from the body, acts into the depth of tissue, by which nourishes all organism and mobilizes natural cleaning ability of the organism. This massage is very pleasant, relaxing and at the same time acts as peeling – softens and hydrates the skin.

Course of honey massage:

During honey massage you lie on your belly. A masseuse spreads scented liquid honey on your back and then they massage it into your skin. Consequently, a masseuse by a special technique so called “pumping” combines tension and vacuum with help of honey pulls out harmful substances from the body. Honey gets thicker and gets coloured. After the massage there is a coloured honey on the skin left, sometimes it is even mousse that will be removed with a towel by a masseuse, so you do not need to worry to leave the massage sticky.

Effects of honey massage:

  • detoxifying effect, rids organism of sediments hoarded in the course of years
  • excellent effects on skin and regenerates strongly all organism
  • honey contains important minerals and micronutrients and through the skin the organism absorbs them
  • back massage by bees honey on both sides of the spin cleans the pores and thoroughly congests the skin
  • healing power of bee´s honey acts through skin directly on reflexive zones of the back and by that stimulating of all body organs activities happens.


  • allergy to bee´s products and pollen
  • pregnancy
  • very sensitive skin
  • cuts and grazes on the body, skin infections

Massage by bees honey helps:

  • at state of exhaustion and weakness as a result of stress, fatigue syndrome
  • at tension, nerve disorder and states of anxiety
  • at problems with blood circulation
  • at rheumatic diseases of muscles and joints, arthritis
  • at stomach and intestine disorders
  • at chronic rhinitis
  • at headaches resulting from acidity of the body
  • at discharge and menstruation problems
  • at weakness of kidneys
  • at liver diseases
  • against skin aging and at unclean acne skin

For the beginning it is convenient to undergo the treatment in the range of 10 applications once per week, at the acute state twice per week. Later it can serve as prevention once per month.

Duration 60 min.

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