Classical massage

What massage is

Manual application of targeted mechanical stimuli, so called touches, which contain not only acts of kneading (friction, wiping and rubbing and kneading), but also acts of spasmodic (pounding and tremor). Massage supports emptying surface veins, lymphatic vessels, sweat glands secretion, skin tension normalization, improves repletion of massaged part, absorption of swellings and sprains, relaxes or stimulates muscles (according to the focus of touches), improves nourishment of tissue and relieves pain. Reflexively and by change of repletion massage influences also other distant body organs and has overall effects on the organism that may be soothing or stimulating.

Massage improves

Circulation brings fresh oxygen into body tissues, which helps remove body waste products, quickens injuries treatments, and supports health recovery. According to the researches massage also improves biochemical level of the body in favour of quickening diseases and injuries treatment. Classical body massage represents relaxation function. This procedure is an additional treatment when it is necessary to relax stiff muscles, treat painful contracture, or prepare a patient for therapeutic exercises.

How to reach maximum results

For maximum effect we recommend to undergo sauna before massage, which relaxes musculature and prepares it for the massage itself.


  • postoperative conditions in abdominal cavity and thorax
  • varices of lower limbs
  • severe perfusion
  • hemorragic conditions

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