Manicure is a basic step to spruced-up appearance. Whether you believe it, or not, manicure is the first thing that your environment notices. Hands-shaking is often the first step at communication, therefore soft skin and fashioned nails are inevitable for both women and men.

Except for classical manicure that contains basic care we have prepared for you also specialties such as Japanese manicure, during which nails gets nourished by rubbing in beeswax, different nourishing wraps and paraffin on hands, and also French and decorative lacquering.

Paraffin hand wrap

Paraffin is a special form of wax gained from oil, enriched by vitamin E. Paraffin layer increases blood circulation, loosens pores and may help also with degenerative leg joints diseases. The result is that hands effectively absorb creams sustaining moisture, softness and nourishment. Dry and thickened skin will reach again its natural softness and healthy appearance. Brilliant results are achieved also with very rough thick skin. The effect is visible even after the first use.

Japanese manicure

Japanese manicure is designed most of all for those who suffer from fragile, weak and grooved nails. Exactly for those often nail problems this Japanese miracle is made for.

Weak nails usually lack hydration and sufficiency of nourishing substances that help the correct function of nail bed as well as nail root. By that nail loses elasticity and that is why you can never expect nails to be longer in one milimetre at least. This problem may be removed by Japanese manicure where nails are recovered by balanced mixture of nourishing substances that gives nails healthy shine as well as necessary minerals and vitamins. It is in fact regenerating treatment.

Japanese manicure by a unique technique creates a kind of glaze on your own nails that prevents other mechanical damages of nails by keeping important substances – lipids inside. After such a treatment the nail root is able to produce quality keratin cells, which means that the effect is not only instant as for the visual point of view, but also long-lasting concerning the nail quality.

First, a half-dry layer is applied onto the nail. This acts abrasively but with maximum careful effect. This paste consists of natural rock called bentonite which contains substances of lipid type and compounds of silicon important for nail root metabolism. Consequently, powder is applied onto the nail that is a compound of substances increasing shine and adding elasticity. Powder contains paraffin and bee´s wax that protect the nail. At the same time it contains also glycerin, panthea and lanolin, silicone and zinc and vitamins that regenerate nails – vitamins A, E, H and pro-vitamin B5.

If you want to have your nails recovered and add them more shine, book for Japanese manicure. Your nails will be grateful to you and will be your real decoration

In the same way fashioned nails – both on hand fingers and leg toes - look very fancy, especially during the summer and ball season.

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