Lymphatic drainage

What is lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a very pleasant pressure massage, during which you can relax and at the same time you are doing something for your health and beauty. We work with a top apparatus Lymfoven that by progress of a pressure wave performs massage from the feet to the waist. The procedure consists of putting on special lymphatic-drainage “trousers”, in which by action of set pressure to individual chambers improvement of lymph patency happens, which is reflected by better repletion and by significant cellulitis loss. One application lasts for 30 minutes.

Why it works

Lymph has a great meaning for health of a human organism because exactly by lymphatic path a human organism gets rid of toxic waste. By a pressure massage lymph nodes loosen up, vessels get feasible and lymph system gets activated, by which body waste and toxins move gradually into the main lymph centre where lymph circulation joins blood circulation. Through blood lymph gets into the liver where recycling happens, nutrients, building substances and vitamins go back to the blood circulation, waste and toxic substances through kidneys get out of the body.

Effects of lymphatic drainage

  • Lymphatic drainage is air pressure massage that helps at:
  • removal of cellulitis and lymphatic swellings
  • prevention against varices
  • swellings of any kind
  • syndrome of heavy feet
  • lymphatic system and blood circulation get activated
  • drainage and detoxification of body
  • reduction of size of thighs and belly
  • reduction of body weight

Instrument pressure massage helps remove cellulitis as well as so called beer belly at men, shapes the body figure fantastically – reduces size of thighs, hips, belly (yet after 7 – 10 procedures, up to 3 – 5 cm), removes tiredness of feet, after childbirth firms belly muscles and detoxifies human organism completely.

How to reach maximum results

We recommend 15 – 20 visits, 2 – 3 times per week. After the treatment at the apparatus Lymfoven we recommend to use anticellulitis creams that will get the results more effective. For maximum effect it is suitable to use special lymphatic-drainage roll-on that you can buy at our place. Sufficient drinking regime also positively influences the effects of lymphatic drainage. Combination of procedures of Lymphatic drainage and Rollen during one day is very effective and popular.


  • swellings caused by diseases of heart, liver, kidneys
  • acute virus or bacterial disease
  • acute vein disease
  • pregnancy
  • oncological diseases

What is necessary to bring with you

For this procedure it is necessary to bring socks and long thin elastic pants without zip and decorations that could press, or it is also possible to buy a special lymphatic-drainage roll-on, which maximizes the effect, in our place.

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